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Ann Holley who has built one of my favorite tiny houses the Protohaus is getting ready to start part two of her project. Ann is calling it a sort of addendum to the ProtoHaus.

Ann has added a new page “New Structure” to There are images of models for the next design and some information there. I am going to let Ann go into the details below:

These models represent the next step of the ProtoHaus project. We are in development of an additional structure that will function as a multi purpose space. First, it will be a light-weight model. ProtoHaus weighs in at 9,500 pounds. A light-weight model (under 1,500 pounds) will be easier to move at short notice and will require less fuel to transport. Second, it will be a mobile education unit.

We would like to take the project on the road without having to break down our whole system. Third, it will function as an extra bedroom where we may house guests. Forth, it will act as an office space. Finally, it will be our vacation home at the beach, in the mountains or even in a commercial parking lot.

Each model has its own advantages and drawbacks. Ann is leaning toward the vardo-conastoga-shepherd hut-airstream hybrid.  I am curious what your choice would be.

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Protohaus II What design would you choose?

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