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Open Source Tiny House

tiny house

by Eddie Jones The home is 198 square feet not including the loft. The idea was to limit a home design based on a maximum 200 square foot design. The structure is not a mobile home and I made efforts to make a tiny home that didn’t look like a mobile trailer. The bedroom / […]

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The Freeman – Tiny Cob House Plans

tiny cob house

Advertisement The Freeman is a 120 square foot tiny home model made out of cob. Cob is a mixture of clay, sand, straw, and water. This tiny home model stands on the principles of being economical and sustainable. Almost all of the materials needed to build the house can be found in a local natural […]

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Small House Planning

Ryan one of our readers from Iowa sent me this cool little house model and plans that he had found in an antique store. I’ll let Ryan tell you a little more about it. Here are some photos, I could not resist trying to get one of the house in the landscape. I found the […]

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