Victoria’s Tiny House for Sale

No Longer for Sale

Tiny house. Log cabin RV. Full kitchen. Dual washer and dryer. Lots of storage. All fine craftsman ship. Roof folds down allowing for travel. On mobile home axles.

My husband and I built it to move to Alaska. This will work great in the winter.

Selling it for 35,000 obo. Located in New Hampshire.

I want to buy a bus now and build a home in that. It is large compared to other tiny houses. It also has double lofts.

tiny house front and back

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Tim’s Yes Wee Cabins

A week ago today, I was interviewed by George Packard, a professional videographer in New Hampshire and his wife Joan. They came to my house and we spent a couple hours talking about tiny houses and the issues involved in this trend. George recently interviewed tiny house builder Tim Guiles about his tiny house projects and shared this video with me.

Tim Guiles says: I believe that living in a small home can be fun, comfortable, and a great way to promote peace in the world.  Small homes use less resources to build; they are easy to maintain; and they are very affordable!

George is currently working on completing  several more videos on tiny houses, one with Jay Shafer and one with Stephen Marshall of Little House on the Trailer. He also interviewed Mike Litchfield author of a new book called “In-laws, Outlaws, and Granny Flats: Your Guide to Turning One House into Two Homes

Be sure to subscribe to George’s YouTube Channel to catch those upcoming videos when they are published. George also blogs at and will be revamping his site soon.

You can view more pictures and find out more details about the tiny houses featured in the video at



Carrie’s 1930s Cottage

Carrie contacted me the other day about her story and offered to share some pictures of her small home. Here on the Tiny House Blog I have a tendency to cover new homes and ideas and I would really like to include more small and tiny homes of yesteryear.

Hopefully Carrie’s home is the first of many more to come of this style  and era home. If you have one or know someone who lives in one please contact me so I can share the home with our readers.
2007-2009 036
Quoting Carrie: I have been poking around on your website and absolutely love it! I have been attracted to small, cozy, yet functional spaces such I was a kid. So it made since that when it came time to buy our first home that we would choose a small 650 sq. foot cottage that was originally built in the early 1930’s. I share my space with my husband, 2 year old St. Bernard, chickens, and lots of gardens! Continue reading