Backyard Guesthouse Redesign

by Christina Nellemann on October 29th, 2012. 31 Comments

Some Tiny House Blog readers might remember the backyard guesthouse project I was working on last fall. Well, the Tiny Guesthouse Challenge is complete and my mother’s backyard guesthouse now has a new bathroom and a few other additions. A 5 foot by 7 foot addition was added onto the existing building by a local builder who lives right up the street. The bathroom contains a shower, sink and cabinet, and a low-flow toilet.

We bit the bullet and decided to have a 300 gallon septic tank and leach field put in behind the house. We do not have any neighbors or facilities within 5 miles from the back of the house and the property is adjacent to a county wilderness area. The water for the shower and sinks was run from our pump house, which is right next door to the guest house. Because the addition was so small, and we live in an unincorporated area, we did not need to get a permit. Continue Reading »

The Tiny Houses of Black Rock City: Metropolis

by Christina Nellemann on September 13th, 2010. 9 Comments

The theme of this year’s Burning Man was Metropolis, and the event’s temporary home of Black Rock City was buzzing with urban energy, wonderful, creative neighbors, and interesting camps.

Many of these camps had their own versions of tiny houses, and like last year’s post, I thought I would feature a few of my favorites.

This year, our neighborhood of 3:30 and Istanbul (see the Black Rock City map) was lucky to have the Neverwas Haul as a corner beacon. This “mutant vehicle” is styled as a steampunk Victorian house that you could actually live in. In Black Rock City, it’s helpful to camp near a larger structure so you can find your way back to your little home in the dark. Continue Reading »

Timeless Sculptures House

by Christina Nellemann on December 28th, 2009. Add a Comment

This tiny house in Carson City, Nev. caught my attention this fall, not only because of the great style, trim and paint job, but also because it was nestled among giant carvings of eagles, Native Americans and other larger-than-life figures.


Roger Cole, a retired local builder and furniture maker, designed and built this tiny house for wood sculptor Matthew Welter. Matthew wanted something functional, a garden shack that he could use as an information booth for his business, Timeless Sculptures. It contains a computer to show photos of his sculptures, banners and brochures. Continue Reading »

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Tiny Observatory

by Christina Nellemann on December 7th, 2009. 5 Comments

This tiny house is just a few blocks away from me in Washoe Valley, Nev. Each time I drove by, I was intrigued by its strange shape and perfect size.

It turns out it’s a tiny observatory built by a local man named Michael. His neighbors affectionately call it the “Milk Carton.”


He built it about 3 years ago and it took him several months. It is 2×4 construction built on concrete piers, but does not have heat, plumbing or insulation. It is two stories tall and an internal ladder goes up to the second story. Michael owns several telescopes and uses the house for digital imaging. The telescope sits on the second floor scanning the sky, and Michael sits on the bottom floor with a computer capturing the images. He is mostly interested in planetary nebula. Continue Reading »