Tiny Mountain Houses Can be Constructed in Four Weeks


You don’t have to be located in the mountains to enjoy living in one of these beautiful tiny houses. Tiny Mountain Houses, originally from Salem, Ore. with showrooms in Chehalis, Wash. and Sacramento, Calif., deliver their tiny houses to all 50 states. The company can also construct their homes in less than four weeks. Continue reading

Tiny House in a Landscape

Here is a tiny house I saw recently while I was traveling in the Sierras in California. No one lives in it. It’s built right into the side of a cliff. I don’t know that it was ever inhabited actually and might have been some kind of utility shed for the river. Nearby they route to the lower valley for water. It was padlocked, but otherwise looked intact.

Have a great day, Jennifer Nicholson

mountain cabin

Tiny House in a Landscape

Dick Parins submitted this weeks Tiny House in a Landscape photo and he hit a soft spot with me as it is a log cabin set in the woods. Dick says, “This little 470 square foot log cabin is a throwback to a simpler time. For well over 50 years it has been sitting under that white pine on a 660 foot stretch of the North Branch of the Oconto River in the Town of Mountain Wisconsin. The current owner has had it for 40 years and it looks just like it did when he bought it. It is for sale now. Hopefully the next buyer will continue to respect its history.”

Here is the listing if you would like more information: http://www.ranwrealtors.com/wis/maildoc/a005K44039.html

I agree and hope the next owner of the home treats it well too. Thanks for sharing Dick, I really appreciate it!