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Yurt Life with Mollie and Sean Busby

Busby Yurt

  Mollie Busby and her husband, Sean live in a yurt in Montana and when they tell people about it they get all kind of reactions. Such reactions are questions like what is yurt? They have no clue what they are. Another reaction is disbelief as most people associate yurts with a summer camp, glamping […]

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Amy’s Tiny Lotus House in Montana

Amy Randolph’s Tiny Lotus is nearly ready to bloom. The 133 square foot tiny home with a 7×7 loft is currently being completed in Bozeman, Mont. and Amy plans to complete her new home for about $30,000—much less than most of the homes in her area.

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Tiny House in a Landscape

log cabin in a landscape

This weeks Tiny House in a Landscape is a cabin featuring Fred Beal who lives in Helena, Montana. I featured one of Fred’s cabins in this feature in 2013 and he has been busy building more cabins and plans ever since we first met. Fred is an expert with the Log Dovetail technique in building […]

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