Tiny House Book 1 Now on Kindle

Tiny House Book 1

Tiny House Book 1, which is in Kindle format is actually the Tiny House Magazine Issues 1 and 2 is now available for purchase. Kindle has not allowed new magazines onto their platform for over a year and I have wanted to offer the Tiny House Magazine in this format almost since the day it was published. To do a work around I decided to call it a book instead of a magazine issue.

The only real difference between the Kindle format and the Magazine format is the Tiny House Book is in book format and lacks any advertising. It is formatted to be easily read on any Kindle devise. The first few issues of the “Book” will have two issues in it instead of one as I wanted it to have a little more content to equal the last year or so issues which average 60 to 70 pages. I will be rolling the rest of the “books” out over the next few weeks as I get the Tiny House Magazine Issues into the Kindle format.

Tiny House Book 1 will be on sale through February 17 for just $2.99 when the price will increase to $4.99. So please get yours now.

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Tiny House Book 2 will be on sale through February 22 for just $2.99 when the price will increase to $4.99. So get yours now.

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Tiny House Book 2

Country Living Small of Fame

The February issue of Country Living magazine is celebrating the best of tiny houses with an article on their personal favorites. Among those included in the list are Deek Diedrickson’s transforming A-frame, Tiny Texas Homes and the beautiful and livable Heirloom Tiny Home by Michelle and Tyson Spiess. Their company is located near Portland, Ore. and the base model 192 square foot Heirloom starts at $65,000 and includes delivery.


Other homes on Country Living’s list includes the Katrina Cottages, The Crib by Enviresponsible Shelter, Tumbleweed Tiny House Company and Cheng + Snyder who built the 190 square foot “Writer’s Block” a cabin that features storage for a canoe under the bed and workbench space.

Michelle and Tyson are interviewed about their life in their mobile home complete with shower, full kitchen and sleeping loft. Their monthly energy bill is $19, they recommend storing rolled up sweaters in ottomans and bean bag chairs, and have already towed their home over 2,000 miles. The Heirloom contains granite countertops, painted or stained cabinets and cupboards, real-wood or bamboo flooring, a Dickinson marine heater, stainless steel appliances, washer/dryer combo unit, a painted or stained interior, and a basic wind or solar package. If you purchase an Heirloom, the company will fly you to Oregon to see your custom home under construction.

Heirloom-Custom-Tiny-Homes-on-Wheels-1 Heirloom-Custom-Tiny-Homes-on-Wheels-3 heirloom-tiny-home-loft


The “Writer’s Block”


The Crib


Relaxshacks A-frame


Photos by Country Living, Heirloom Tiny Homes, Cheng + Snyder, Enviresponsible and Relaxshacks

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

Enter Sunset Magazine’s Small Space, Big Dreams Award

Sunset magazine, a home and lifestyle magazine about the American West, has embraced the tiny and small house movement with several features on tiny houses and trailers. Tiny house dwellers who enter their Small Space, Big Dreams Home Awards could win a $250 Container Store shopping spree and could also be featured in a future issue of the magazine.


Each year, Sunset features a cutting edge house design at its Celebration Weekend. The Arc was featured in 2012.

Until January 31, 2014, Sunset is accepting photos and descriptions of small and tiny homes and how you use the space. They are looking for space-savvy ideas as well as alternative ways of living including floating homes and homes on wheels. The award categories are:

  • Whole House: If your entire home is space-savvy, show it off. There’s no square-footage limit—it’s how you use the space that matters.
  • One-Room Wonder: A single space filled with ideas for maxing out the available room. Kitchen, bath, kid’s room, or multiuse? You decide.
  • Outdoors: Show us photos of how you make your compact yard, tree- house, patio, deck, or shed seem roomier than it is.
  • On Wheels or On Water: If your home floats or rolls, we want to see how you’ve kitted out the unconventional space.
  • Satellite Space: Guest cottages, writing sheds, the party barn—we’re looking for outbuildings that live large.

To enter, upload 2-6 photos and descriptions (100 words or less) on the use of your space. Entries will be judged on quality of photographs; creativity in the use of space; use of language to describe the small space functionality; and appropriateness to award category. The magazine will not accept photos depicting people. Winners in each category will be notified by April 15, 2014.

Photos by Sunset magazine

Tiny House Magazine Issue 10

Issue 10 of the Tiny House Magazine is now available both on the iPad and in Adobe PDF format.

This issue covers micro homesteading with Dee Williams, Dramatic Dreaming with Abel of Zyl’s Vardos, a new section called the “Readers Corner” where you can share your tiny house. Diana Lorence shares the Innermost House, Logan shares the DIY Ethos by demonstrating how he fixed his broken iPhone and much more.

Purchase the new Issue in PDF format by clicking Here for $2.99.

Look for a special with all the previous PDF magazine issues by clicking  Here!

Tiny House Magazine Issue 10


The Week Magazine Features Tiny Homes

Normally, the “Best properties on the market” section of The Week magazine features French chateaus and Italian villas, mansions with endless pools or the best Beacon Hill townhouses. However, for the week of August 3, the featured properties were all tiny homes under 1,000 square feet.

The Solo 36 Bunkie by Sustain Design Studio

The homes featured were the Aktiv by Ideabox and IKEA which is 745 square feet and costs $86,500, the Solo 36 Bunkie modular home from Sustain Design Studio which is 475 square feet and costs $87,500 and the Kit_01 from Zamore Homes. The Kit_01 is a two-bedroom, 992 square foot kit home that features a living room with a fireplace, a laundry room and a large attic loft. Plans for this home cost around $2,500.

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