GreenOx Sheds for Tiny Houses

by Jim

I was driving past my Lowes in Littleton Colorado and saw the attached GreenOx shed.

Do you know much about them? Seems pretty new but they are introducing a 12 x 16 model soon.

The price for that 8×8 model is $2,800. A bit pricy maybe but a trade off with ease of assembly and insulation factor. I am sure the fire proof shell adds to that cost. With all of our dead pine trees and already dry summer, the fire proofing is getting a lot of talk here in the dry West.

GreenOx shed

I went inside the model and seems very solid. Not a lot of Information on the Internet yet. One YouTube video on the assembly.

Would love to know if others are seeing them and trying them.

Here is some basic information from their website and Jim’s photo. Continue reading