Brittany’s Decorated Home

Here are three photos of my tiny house during Christmas. To make my house festive on the outside, I installed a string of LED lights along the roofline. It created an amazing “glow” effect and gave off enough light to make up for the fact that there is no exterior lighting anywhere near where the house sits.

As for inside, I wanted the perfect tiny tree. I bought a beautiful 14 ft. noble fir and lopped off the top 2 ft. With the bottom part of the tree, I lopped off all the branches and made a 10 in. wreath for the front door, and used the rest of the boughs for a greenery display that rested on the tongue of the trailer.

Small House on Prince Edward Island

My name is Grant Kennedy and I live in Prince Edward Island, Canada. I have been following the Tiny House Blog for more than a year when I decided to build my own small house. The outside of the house is finished now and I thought you would be interested in a picture and a brief description. The size of the house is a 24’ x 18’ with a 24’ x 6’ porch on front of it, 432 sq ft. I was planning on building on two floors but I figured with my bad knee and getting older, I didn’t want to be crawling up stairs.

Here are some facts: Designed by myself, built on pressure treated posts, 2″x10″ floors with R-30, 2″x6″ walls with R-20, and roof with R-30, open concept with just a bathroom.

I was originally looking at plans with lofts but with old age creeping up (I’m 45 now) and a bad knee, I thought that a one floor house would be more feasible. I will have an on-demand hot water heater, five small convection heaters and LED lights throughout. I am hoping to have less than a $200 electricity bill even in the winter where we get -40 celsius weather with 7-8 ft of snow.

I have only spent about $10,000 (Canadian) right now for all the building materials which also includes my windows and door, the front entrance set, a one-piece bath/shower combo and my light fixtures.

Thank you Grant for sharing your project with us. We will look forward to an update when you complete the interior.

Living in My Extreme Tiny House

Peter has been living in an extreme tiny house, the size is 4′ x 7′ which measures out to 28 square feet. Peter recently started a blog and goes into the details of living this small and I am going let Peter tell you a what it is like to live in these small quarters.

I have now been living in my little trailer for almost nine months. Eight of those months have been parked next to my friends house in Washington State. With an extension chord running from the garage it is essentially like a detached bedroom.

I have power for my space heater which came in handy this winter when it got down to about 10 degrees. I also keep my laptop charged and am able to recieve a wifi signal from the house. Lighting is handled by battery powered LED lights. They do a pretty good job but are not quite bright enough to read by. As I may have mentioned previously, I have a small fold down table, a decent sized closet/cabinet, and my bookcase full of books. All in all, quite cozy.

As far as the not so stellar aspects of tiny trailer living. It can seem a bit cramped at times. Much of my possessions are stored in my friends garage. I did purge a lot of my stuff before this adventure began, however I still have a lot of work to do. It does fit into ( and on top of) my truck but isn’t very accessible. My trailer is pretty easy to get into almost any camp site and I’d like to keep it that way, so I am leaning against a bigger rig. Which means I will need to get rid of even more of my treasures!

Read Peter’s complete story at his IttyBittyHouseTales blog.