Tiny House Safari in Sweden

by Katharina Kleidosty

I just spent a couple of weeks on holiday in Sweden, and after a few encounters with tiny houses there, I decided to take a few photos with the THB in mind. I hope you like them! If you like any of them enough to share them via your blog, you’re more than welcome to do so. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a very good camera with me, so the quality of the pictures isn’t the best.

Swedish stuga

A few comments to explain some of the pictures: Tiny cottages, called “Stuga,” are very common in Sweden. Nowadays you see a lot of them as tourist accommodation, either on campsites or in Stuga-villages called “Stugby”. One of the cabins I photographed, titled “CampsiteStuga,” can also be found here, including photos of its interior: http://www.campa.se/11/Stugor.htm (It is either type M or type L on that site.)

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