Melissa’s Small House

by Melissa Stewart

The house was built in 1916 as a farm house and is 500 square feet. It seems hard to believe the people that originally owned it farmed all the land around it. Especially since Denver seemed to grow into a big city all around the house.

The original footprint of the house was 413 square feet. The bedroom/ laundry room was an addition probably in the early 40’s sometime after my grandparents had their fourth child. The pantry was converted into a bathroom in the late 40’s and the house originally had an outhouse!

small house

As far as I know, it only had 4 owners…seems every one that lived here loved the cozy feel. I remember coming over to Grandma’s to spend the night as a kid and we could hear the train speed right passed the house. The railroad tracks have been gone a long time now, but Denver built a light rail and my house is within walking distance to two different stations. Continue reading