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Hale Kilo Hawaii Tiny House Project

Hale Kilo I’a is a unique twist on Hawaiian and modern architecture. Hale Kilo I’a is a collaborative project between H1 Construction & Fujita+Netski Architecture (together called H1+FN Design Collaborative). Playing with the idea of dual structures & the use of a creative wall, this project creates a private oasis right in the heart of […]

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Tiny House Magazine Issue 18

cover and index

Issue 18 of the Tiny House Magazine has just been published. In this issue, Chris Aune takes us on a video tour of his converted garage in California. Kriste Wolfe builds a unique treehouse on the big island of Hawaii. Gabriella Morrison gives us a lesson on the different types of insulation used in tiny […]

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Tiny House in a Landscape

Hawaii tiny house

This week’s Tiny House in a Landscape was sent in by Maddy from Vancouver, BC while visiting the Hawaiian Islands. Maddy was blown away by the diversity of biomes and landscapes. This little house was located in a field off of the Kohala 250 highway on Maddy’s way to the Mauna Kea observatory on the […]

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