Patrick and Christie’s Cabin Story

by Patrick Schutt

Who hasn’t dreamed of escaping the stress of the real world and going back to a simpler time? That is exactly what my wife Christie and I did. After years of running the rat race Monday through Friday and dealing with hectic weekends we were frazzled and at our wits end.

cabin front

That’s when we decided to build our weekend get away. We acquired a few secluded acres in the beautiful Missouri, and a 400 sq. ft. log cabin kit from Schutt Log Homes ( for $6000.00 and got busy building our romantic hide-a-way. The process of putting the cabin together was simple and so rewarding. We spent time together working on our dream and in the process built our relationship and came away with so many wonderful memories. Continue reading

Tiny House in a Landscape

This weeks Tiny House in a Landscape was a post back a year to two on the Tiny House Blog but this is a new picture is perfect for the fall season. The person who sent it to me called it the the perfect autumn weekend getaway cottage and I agree 1oo%.

The cornstalks and pumpkins help frame this little getaway cottage just right. Who can help me track down the previous post that shows the interior and tells all about this neat little space? If you can comment below than I will link to it here and here.

Tiny Straw Bale Village Getaway

Recently I had the opportunity to work closely with to introduce to you the new Applegate Residence, a small straw bale home that can be built for around $20,000. I am very intrigued by this type of construction but I have never actually stayed in a straw bale home. As I was learning more about I stumbled across a page that showed some tiny straw bale homes for rent. I contacted Gabrielle Morrison to learn more about them and she wrote back with the following information and photographs. I’ll let Gabriella tell you more.

Over the course of about 3 years we built a series of 4 charming and beautiful straw bale cabins, all at 200sqft to create a mini “Straw Bale Village.” Three of them serve as sleeping cabins and have plenty of space for queen size beds as well as desks.
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