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Little Green Camper

green trailer

In my profession, I deal with the un-pleasantries of human nature. While working in law enforcement stationed in a metropolitan area, I often find myself needing a break from civilization. Over the years, I have found that time spent in nature is where I could clear my head and find security in the world around […]

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Patrick and Christie’s Cabin Story

cabin front

by Patrick Schutt Who hasn’t dreamed of escaping the stress of the real world and going back to a simpler time? That is exactly what my wife Christie and I did. After years of running the rat race Monday through Friday and dealing with hectic weekends we were frazzled and at our wits end. That’s […]

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Tiny House in a Landscape

This weeks Tiny House in a Landscape was a post back a year to two on the Tiny House Blog but this is a new picture is perfect for the fall season. The person who sent it to me called it the the perfect autumn weekend getaway cottage and I agree 1oo%. The cornstalks and […]

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