Kokoon Kompak

Kakoon SIP Tiny House

Tiny House on Wheels is a Park Model shell that has the best insulation and longest warranty available.

This tiny house trailer is a professionally made insulated shell, that can be finished by the owner with their personal design and details. Kokoon Kompak tiny house on wheels is an 8 foot by 20 foot or 8 foot by 18 foot footprint that comes in three basic roof lines and is suitable for full time living. Contact Dave Rades for sale price of the other two roof lines.

All insulation is exclusive two part Soy foam sprayed in place with no off gassing or formaldehyde, class 1 fire rated. All Kompak’s have R-30 6 inch in roof, R-10/20 in walls, R-10/20 in floor. Optional: Windows, double pane low-e with low maintenance, rot proof, vinyl frames, & doors can be located anywhere in the perimeter. Interior ceiling is covered in wood ( optional) and ready to finish as you like. Continue reading

Tiny House in a Landscape

S McDonald sent this weeks Tiny House in a Landscape photo and says: attached is a photo of a Tiny House in a Landscape; I pass it every time I drive to the bank. It’s located in Northwest Georgia, on Old Highway 411.

Thank you so much for sending the photo. If you have a photo please send it to tinyhouseblog (at) gmail.com

tiny house in Georgia

Tiny Home Builders Workshop

Guest Post by Alex Pino

This May 25-26, 2013 Dan Louche and I are hosting a Tiny Home Builders workshop in Alpharetta, Georgia.

This location is about 30 minutes north of Atlanta so it’s easy to get to from anywhere.
It’s a lecture and hands-on experience led by Dan Louche and myself. We’ve already reserved space in a warehouse for this event so that participants will get to:

  • Listen to lectures on tiny houses
  • Tour a real tiny house between speeches
  • Practice building house components using real tools
  • Meet and connect with other tiny house enthusiasts

tinier living tiny house

Photo by Dan Louche

What You’ll Learn at a Tiny Home Builders Workshop

Dan Louche is a design and build expert who’s going to explain things such as:

  • How to design & build tiny houses
  • How to use plans to prepare and build
  • What tools you’ll need and how to use them safely
  • How to find the best deals on materials
  • What you need to know about trailers

What’s even better is that as he explains these concepts, we’ll get to have a real tiny house nearby to reference. Continue reading

Kathi’s Doll House Floor Plans

A couple of weeks ago I featured “Kathi’s Doll House.” There was a lot of interest in seeing floor plans of the house but Kathi was unable to get them off of her software program. Kathi however took the time to draw them up by hand and than mailed them to me so that I could share them with you. I have scanned them and posted them below. Click on each floor plan to see it larger and print it.

Kathi also included another plan she designed that she calls the Moose Lodge.

If you know of some easy way to convert these into computerized floor plans please let me know as I would like to make these more professional plus I have a couple of other plans that are rough like this also.

Kathi's Doll House

Doll House 1st Floor

Doll House 2nd Floor

Moose Lodge - Tiny House Concept

Kathi’s Doll House

Kathi Emery who lives on Sand Mountain in North West Georgia, decided to design and build her own tiny home. Kathi calls her home the “Doll House.” I’ll let Kathi tell you more about it.

I had followed the beginning of the tiny house movement but was appalled at the cost of the structures in the articles. I set about to create the most efficient use of space in a 12’x20′ structure sized to maximize typical building supply dimensions.  Originally, I planned to use 12′ t-111 siding but ended up with 1.5 sheets on the side instead. The cabin has a 5′ x 7′ bathroom w/ tub/shower, etc.

Front of Doll House and Garden

The kitchen is slightly wider and I used a 20″ stove and a 24″ wide refrigerator to save space. The area under the stairs is completely open and forms pantry and storage. The upstairs has 2 identical 7′ x 12′ bedrooms separated by the stair landing and a large (6’x4′) closet.  One bedroom has 2 twin beds and the other a double. The ceiling height downstairs is 7′ which is plenty for me – being a short person – and upstairs it is around 8′ in the center tapering down to 4′ on the sides. The couch in the living room folds out so it sleeps 6 if need be. The side of the cabin faces due south and the roof pitch is 8/12 for solar down the road. Continue reading