Little House in Chestertown, Maryland

Jock sent the attached photo of a little house in Maryland. The home was originally two tiny houses, an early 19th Century duplex, in the picturesque old colonial town of Chestertown, Maryland. This miniature structure once housed two black freedman’s families (the shed roofed room in the back is a more recent addition).

The owner, a single guy, gave Jock a tour which included the small but habitable living room and a separate functional tiny kitchen. Across from stairs leading up to the bedroom under the Dutch gambrel roof, he showed Jock a window-sized hole cut in an interior wall.

“Guess what the hole was for?” he asked. Not a dumbwaiter. No window there, and no reason for a window to be there. What, then?

Turns out the only way to get any furniture, especially a box spring and mattress up the twisting tiny stairs, was to cut a hole to maneuver the back end.

Thank you for sharing Jock.