Amish Meadow Lark Cottages

I’m always on the lookout for pre-fabricated structures that can potentially become tiny houses, and the Amish Meadow Lark company in Pennsylvania caught my eye for their simple, but beautiful construction of various sheds, two of which could be the start of a tiny house.


Currently, Meadow Lark has five different models of portable buildings to choose from: Mini Barns, Cottages, Quaker Sheds, Hi-Wall Barns and Garages. The Cottages and Quaker Sheds can be ordered in over 15 different sizes. The Cottages cost from $1,120 to $1,480 for an 8×8 foot structure to $4,195 to $5,120 for a 12×32 foot structure. The Quaker Sheds range in cost from $1,285 to $1,610 for an 8×8 foot structure to $4,760 to $5,770 for a 12×32 foot structure. Continue reading

Framing for Straw Bale Construction DVD and Plans

by Kent Griswold

A couple of days ago I offered you a free report from Andrew Morrison from Today is the beginning of a week long sale and launch of a new DVD and plans. I wanted you to have a chance to grab this great information at sale prices. I’m going to let both Andrew and his wife Gabriella tell you a little more about their new DVD.

Hey everyone! This is Gabriella, Andrew’s wife writing. I wanted to share a preview of our brand new video, The How To Guide To Framing For Straw Bale Construction. The video is nearly 3 hours long and will be contained in a 2 DVD set.

We genuinely had fun filming this production and we were graced by nearly perfect weather as well as a backdrop of a gorgeous snow capped mountain peak. The footage looks excellent and I have just completed editing it. All that’s left to do is to encode it, burn the master DVDs and send them off for replication. So, I think we will have them in hand in about 4 weeks!

Here’s the 8 minute preview which contains snippets of the footage. Click Here for the Framing DVD Launch Sale

Hello Everyone, this is Andrew Morrison. The Framing DVD is a 2 DVD set, with 2hrs 53min worth of detailed instruction on how to frame your own straw bale structure. In it, you will find a step-by-step teaching style that will walk you through the entire framing process from start to finish. We have done everything in our power to provide this information in a manner that will be easy to understand to even those with no previous framing experience. We even have a bonus section dedicated to breaking down each framing term so that you don’t get lost by
the technical terms while watching the DVD.

The sale will run for 7 days and ends July 12th at 6am PST. Click Here for the Framing DVD Launch Sale. Sale Over click here to purchase the DVD.

straw bale mountain cabin

Small Home. Big Life

By Ben Hurst

Hello, my name is Ben, a 31 year old music teacher. I live in Southeast Louisiana and in the past four years I have been on a journey to create an easier life for myself. From growing a garden, raising chickens, ducks, and rabbits, to aquaponics. I just wanted to find a better, easier, healthier way to live.

I have just started my tiny house project with my dad. We began welding the frame for the trailer and acquired the axles. It is going to be a long project, but the end result will be so amazing I just can’t wait. I have been researching extensively every single tiny house resource I can get my hands on and have almost narrowed down what the final design is going to look like.

Most people that are building tiny houses struggle with a place to put it, but I will have a spot to put mine and enough space to have my small farm. So one day I can live in my small home, on my small farm, living a very big, enjoyable, sustainable life!

You can follow Ben’s build at his blog