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Multigen Home: The Next Phase of Smart Building

While tiny houses and their cuteness factor make most of the news, the next most important aspect of home design and construction will most likely be the multigen home. A multigen home is a standard, traditional home that has been converted to accommodate multiple living spaces. This is usually done to house multiple generations of […]

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House in a Box Revisited

house in a box 1

by Nick Nydegger Unknown to us at the time, we were pleasantly surprised by an article posted on the Tiny House Blog back in January and the positive response from its followers. So many questions were asked by the 20,000 visitors to our website that we thought maybe a condensed introduction as to what we […]

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House in a Box

Mountain Theme

Kevin Daniels lives 10 miles from the Summerville, South Carolina and recently got to view the House in a Box. Here are some photos Kevin took of the exterior. The interior was unfinished, however you get a sense of how nice it would look when complete. Kevin also shared the floor plan and and some […]

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