Little Yellow House Update

by Ella Jenkins

It’s been a year now since I moved to the bay area and thought you might consider running an update now that I’ve been living tiny for a year. It’s tiny for two as of 10 months ago!

Everything is still going beautifully. It’s amazing how big a tiny house can feel when you’ve built it around what’s important to you. It’s truly just like the average house, but smaller and exactly the way you want! I actually felt I could have gone with a shorter trailer when I first moved in, but now with my boyfriend living here too it’s perfect.

little yellow house

We met 3 days after I moved to the Bay area, and he thinks tiny houses are just as wonderful as I do. It probably helps that he doesn’t have a lot of stuff either!

I rent space on a small ranch and get to see a little sliver of the ocean out my window every day. I work for Tumbleweed teaching workshops on everything to do with tiny building and living and I work an average of 5.4 days a month. And that’s it :)


I get to be music-y and beach-y and arts-y and as creative as I’d like in my extra time because you just don’t need very much when you don’t have to take care of very much. Basically, I love my house, and I love how simple it has allowed my life to be.

*Ella :)

sitting area


living room

Ella and boyfriend

Ella’s Little Yellow Open House

* If you are not able to go to the open house check out the video I just posted below of Ella giving a tour of her tiny house.

Ella Jenkins just contacted me and let me know about her upcoming “Little Yellow Open Houses” that she is making available as she moves to Northern California. They will be held this Monday and Tuesday and although this is short notice she wanted to give you a chance to see her home and meet her. Here are the details:

Monday, October 8:
From 10:00 to 12:00 in Frazier Park, CA across from Coffee Cantina.
Address: 3011 Mount Pinos Way 93225

From 4:00 to 6:00 in San Luis Obispo, CA Trader Joe’s parking lot.
Address: 3977 S Higuera St

Tuesday, October 9
1-2:30 in Santa Cruz, CA Home Depot parking lot (Soquel)
Address: 2600 41st Ave 95073

Ella's Open House