Tiny Craftsman House for Sale in Nevada

It might be something in the water, but my hometown of Reno, Nevada is becoming a hotbed for tiny houses. The latest tiny home is this beauty for sale on Craigslist. The home was built by Mitchell Mast and Nicholette Codding of the blog, Our First Tiny Home. They downsized from a 1,000 square foot home to this 230 square foot home, but have recently put it up for sale for $65,000. Continue reading

The Small House Catalog

A tiny house may not always work out as  a permanent home for everyone. Shawn and Jamie Dehner of the Small House Catalog have lived for the past two years in one of their own designs called the Moschata Rolling Bungalow. This orange delight cost $17,000 to build, sits on a lot the couple owns and contains a full kitchen where they are able to cook and bake, a bathroom with a sink, an RV sized tub and a shower and toilet. The vaulted living room has window sills that are wide enough for their cat to sit on and the sleeping loft has a queen size bed. However, the building codes in their home of Point Roberts, Wash. requires that they build a permanent home within two years.

Their new home will be 700 square feet and the Rolling Bungalow will become their company’s office. The Small House Catalog designs, drafts and occasionally builds small houses and tiny “rolling” bungalows. Their designs are influenced by the kit houses and bungalows of the early 20th Century and are cozy, comfortable and stylish. Both the houses and plans are also affordable for the average person. Several of their plans include the Beekeeper’s Bungalow which is 680 square feet and costs $249 and the 200 square foot Tinka which is free to download. The Small House Catalog also has a great blog that covers a multitude of small and tiny house issues including design aesthetics, small house styles and reviews.

The couple will not leave their rolling home without some regret.

“We’ve met just about all our neighbors (and maybe even our whole town). We never would have met so many people here otherwise,” Jamie said in a recent article for CNN Living. “We’ve even become a landmark…”turn left just after that cute little orange house” is apparently a commonly offered direction! It was a simple, fun building project that solved an immediate need by providing us with clean and comfortable shelter. Furthermore, it saved us a ton of money as we were able to say goodbye to our rental and keep $1,000 a month in our pocket.” Continue reading

Tiny House Number Two

by RM

After making the last night house – as crazy as it sounds – I started another one. This time with a master carpenter. Thought you might enjoy seeing this one. I sure do love your site, it brings me loads of inspiration. I’m selling this one as well, but reluctant to use a name outside a moniker as people tend to send me too many emails already via old man internet.

Anyway, not sure if it’s worthy of story, but at the least though you might like to see it. It was a lot of fun to build and has many improvements on the last design.

tiny house two

This moveable structure was built with new, high-quality materials in traditional and aesthetically-pleasing proportions. Window placement was important to this model, as it has many centered to supply optimal lighting and a feeling of expanse. A small window was placed on the gable end opposite the entrance that allows for ample space on either side for kitchen and appliances.

closer view of tiny house two

I’m selling it as a completed exterior and partially finished interior. The interior is ready to be customized to the new owners personal preferences.

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Tumbleweed Box Bungalow Open House

*I’ve added a few pictures from the 2nd Open House. The bungalow was not competed so I will do a post later when Jay has finished it.

Last month I had the privilege to visit Jay Shafer and company at Tumbleweed’s monthly open house. Jay allowed me to take a few pictures of the forthcoming Box Bungalow a new design that he has been working on.

How would you like to be the first to see one in person? In fact you are seeing pictures here on the Tiny House Blog before they are announced on the Tumbleweed Tiny House website.

The Box Bungalow will be coming in five different styles and range from 99 to120 square feet, and can be built in most places without a permit. The exterior of each design is inspired by the American Craftsman style architecture and stems from an era of quality hand-craftsmanship, that is both simple and elegant. Can you imagine a spare bedroom, office, or a yoga studio in your back yard?

This month, on Saturday June 11th from 2:00 to 4:00 P.M. Tumbleweed Tiny House Company is having another open house and for the first time will be showing off the Box Bungalow. They are in the process of completing the interior. The interior may not be complete 100%, but it will probably look great anyway. Please sign up here.
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