SkyLift Bracket for Outdoor Living Space

Homes with a small footprint often need to take advantage of outdoor living areas. Recently, a means to attach an attractive and functional porch or patio cover was invented and is now widely available. This product, the SkyLift Roof Riser Bracket, is a simple piece of hardware that can support a roof cover and actually complement the design of a small home.

People typically install a patio cover to better enjoy the outdoors with protection from the sun and weather. Unfortunately, because of the way they are constructed, many covers darken the interior of the home and lead to unanticipated maintenance and structural failures.

skylift side view

As a remodeler for 20 plus years, I have seen my share of patio roof attachments that seemed to accomplish the opposite of what the homeowner envisioned. That’s why I invented SkyLift. This product solves major problems like low-slope leaks and dry rot, cave-like interiors, and trapped BBQ fumes. In addition, the SkyLift Hardware ensures structurally sound construction.

For years I had contemplated the prospect of creating a better patio cover. Then one day I stood in a client’s back yard and in every direction I looked I saw sad, leaking, dilapidated patio covers. “There has to be a better way,” I said to myself. I decided to dedicate my efforts to solving the problem and after a good deal of product development, SkyLift was launched. The response from both homeowners and builders has been fantastic. Continue reading

House Port Mini Square

Cars have carports, why can’t a house have a house port? Designer Hally Thacher was looking to build an eco-friendly home and was inspired by the structures that sheltered hay, alfalfa and farm equipment in the area of northern California where she had grown up. Her House Port and PopUP House designs make for a very interesting concept in home building.


The PopUP House is available in several configurations which are prefabricated and shipped flat-packed to the building site. The PopUP House consists of interior/exterior insulated panels. Over the top of the PopUP is the prefabbed House Port (the large freestanding roof) that protects the home against weather, keeps a consistent temperature throughout the hot summer and offers a covered outdoor area. Several smaller versions of the PopUP, called Cubes, can even be purchased and placed like a small village under the House Port. Continue reading