Hints for Keeping a Small Space Clutter-free and Organized

Guest Post by Kathleen Crane

Many people think that keeping a small place ideally cleaned and organized is an easy task, however, there are some things that need to be considered. You cannot simply count on the fact that the room does not require regular cleaning and organizing, because you risk to turn your place in a mess. You probably dream of getting rid of the clutter and enjoy a sparkling clean space that is arranged in the best possible way.

"Harriet Phillips Bungalow" by Daniel Case

“Harriet Phillips Bungalow” by Daniel Case

Thanks to this article you will be able to do all this and to keep your space organized for a longer time. You will become acquainted with some effective strategies that will help you to live in a more comfortable environment where you can invite all of your friends. You also need to be motivated enough and to apply some procedures if you really want to keep your space arranged in the best possible way. Continue reading

ClearSpace Modular Homes

It seems they have gone out of business, no longer can find their website.

For lovers of clean, efficient, modern design with an eye toward outside living, ClearSpace Homes has come up with a few designs to appeal to people who want a tiny house. ClearSpace has been selling their prefab homes in the Austin, Texas area for several years and some parts of each design can be customized by the buyer. Their homes are offered in several colors and the interior can include reclaimed or new materials. A customized ClearSpace home will run about $125 per square foot which does not include site work, the foundation or shipping.

The first of their tiny homes is the ClearSpace Casita. This 432 square foot home includes a studio space that can accommodate a murphy bed/storage wall, work area, or built in display/book shelf. There is also space for a compact kitchen, a 3/4 bath and a generous sleeping/storage room. The best feature of the Casita is the protective enclosure that allows the owner to enjoy the outdoors. The interior space of the home has sliding glass doors which can be opened to allow for cross ventilation and there is a skylight above the loft. The base price of the Casita is $51,240.

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