Nelson Tiny Houses

by Kent Griswold on November 24th, 2013. 13 Comments

Nelson Tiny Houses is a locally-owned, sustainably-produced company that builds superior tiny houses. As builders and designers, we are inspired by the mountains, forests, lakes and culture of this special part of southern British Columbia. As such, we view building tiny houses as a place where science meets art, where trade meets craft, where a shelter becomes a home.

acorn tiny house

Whether you are an existing homeowner looking to create a guest house, extra bedroom, office or rental opportunity, or new to owning your own home and looking to find a way that just makes sense, you have come to the right place. Tiny houses are bigger than they appear: they are a political movement, they are a work of art, they are a place to call home. Nelson Tiny Houses: Bigger than just a place to live.

Nelson Tiny House Goals
We build beautiful and functional tiny houses and we want to sell them to you. When you decide to buy a house from us, you will know exactly what you’re getting, how much it costs, and when it will be delivered.


We focus on two basic house models, the “V” house and the Acorn house. Each model has a distinctive shape and basic layout. However, many details will be different in each house. Besides being opportunistic about materials (we salvage and reclaim a large portion of our building material), we think uniqueness is an important characteristic of an amazing house. We happily build to suit your needs.

The Acorn house has a 14′ x 8.5′ footprint, covered front porch, gable roof with dormers, shower, kitchen, and lots of cool custom furniture. Check out the video below for a guided tour.


Starting at $38,000 – ready to live in. If you would like to purchase the Acorn but don’t want it delivered until spring, you can pay 2/3rds of the agreed price and we will store it for you for free until you’re ready. Upon delivery, you will then pay the final 1/3rd of the agreed price. Click here to learn more.


exterior detail

Tiny House in a Landscape

by Kent Griswold on October 12th, 2013. 9 Comments

Dave Stonehouse in Golden, British Columbia, still plugging away (amongst a lot else) on my “Littlefoot” prototype. Looking to have something completed in the next few months that I hope you would consider doing a post on. Meanwhile I snapped this photo the other day at my job site that I thought you’d like.

Thanks Dave for sharing your progress and this beautiful picture. Can’t wait to see it completed. – Kent
Visit Dave’s website here:

littlefoot log cabin

Living on the Lane

by Kent Griswold on March 7th, 2013. 41 Comments

By Alyse Nelson

Akua Schatz and Brendon Purdy’s dream was to live near relatives, but they couldn’t afford a home in Vancouver, BC’s Dunbar neighborhood. Instead of moving to the suburbs, they decided to build a 500-square-foot laneway home in Brendon’s parents’ backyard.

Rental - Exterior Lane

Brendon and Akua’s laneway home, view from the alley, photo used with permission from

A few years ago, this wouldn’t have been an option for the young couple. Rules for laneway houses, as these backyard cottages are called in Vancouver, were adopted in 2009. Laneway homes are small backyard cottages that face alleys in traditional single-family neighborhoods. The density is hidden from the main neighborhood streets, leaving the appearance of Vancouver’s single-family neighborhoods intact. But while you might not see this hidden density, it could have a huge effect on the number of people able to call Vancouver home – nearly 70,000 single-family lots are eligible for an additional dwelling unit.

The Vancouver regulations allow a one-bedroom 500 square-foot laneway house on 33-foot by 122-foot single-family lots. The larger 50-foot wide lots can have a two-bedroom 750 square-foot cottage. Continue Reading »

Tiny House in a Landscape

by Kent Griswold on February 15th, 2013. 10 Comments

Steven Harrell from Tiny House Listings sent me to this photo for this week’s Tiny House in a Landscape. Cabin and Aurora Borealis is the title and what a majestic photograph of a tiny house.

I have only been able to see the Aurora Borealis once in my lifetime on a trip to Canada and it was not near this beautiful as we were in the souther part of the country. What I did see was still phenomenal and I’m sure for those of you have witnessed it like this it must be amazing.

Have a great weekend!

I’m sorry photo was copyrighted so I removed it.