Acting Green Vs. Buying Green

by Jaclyn Nicholson

Have you ever considered the difference between acting green and buying green? A lot of energy is wasted in homes on showering, lighting, cooling, using the bathroom and doing laundry.

So, in order to preserve, you can change how you do things or you can purchase energy-efficient appliances.

For example, you can keep the light on in your room for just 49 minutes or you can get an energy efficient LED bulb, and keep your light on for 6 hours and use the same amount of energy. Which do you prefer? Weigh the differences here.

Acting Green vs. Buying Green


Solar Bottle Lights and Tiny Houses

Celia brought this exciting movie to my attention and although it is focused on people in the Philippines and 3rd world countries there is no reason this technology could not be applied to tiny houses, sheds, and work spaces.

In a time where everyone is striving to ‘go green,’ even people in developed countries can use this innovative solution wherever applicable. Using recycled plastic soda bottles, water, and chlorine and inserting it through a roof you can make a simple 55 watt bulb to light up any area. Think how much electricity could be saved if this was applied across our own country!