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Normal Things In Not So Normal Spaces

Whether your house is tiny or whether your house is ten stories tall, a bed is a normal thing you would expect to find in a house. Everyone needs a place to sleep. Sometimes, you may find normal things in not so normal spaces… The mattress in my tiny floating home is a convenient *cough* […]

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Maximizing Space With Under Bed Storage

Tiny house owners are all too used to the struggle of making space. If you’re a bit low on real estate to start with, finding room for storage generally requires some ingenuity and elbow grease. One of the best ways to fit some extra items in is to head under the bed. An awful lot […]

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Will Root’s Tiny House

I designed it to be a no-compromise Tiny House. I wanted to make a Tiny House that avoided many of the issues typically associated with them. I wanted high ceilings, so it has 8-10 foot ceilings throughout. I wanted plenty of space, so I maxed out the dimensions allowed for a trailer and then nearly […]

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