Sugarloaf Small House Company

Nestled at the base of Sugarloaf Mountain in the Arkansas Ozarks is the Sugarloaf Small House Company. We have taken our thirty years of construction experience, our desire to provide a reasonably priced smaller home, and applied it to building small portables. We can customize to fit your needs. Let us help you enjoy a small home lifestyle, a weekend getaway, studio space, or additional office space. Our current project is the Estha Mae Model. This model, as shown, is priced at $20,000.

The Estha Mae is a 12 foot by 24 foot on 4 foot by 6 foot skids. This unit has a completely finished interior with a full bathroom, kitchen and two sleeping lofts. The Estha Mae model has a 4 foot. covered porch.

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Estha Mae Model

Estha Mae Model interior



Estha Mae Model back

Tonita’s Tiny Porch Makeover

by Tonita Fernandez

When Slabtown Customs of Arkansas built my 8ft x 24ft $10,000 tiny house, I debated if I should go with a large (for a tiny house) covered front porch or use that space to extend the interior length and square footage. Since I am not a builder and have no intention of building my own covered deck in the future I decided to go with a covered front porch. I am happy with my choice. Have covered deck, will travel.

The interior size measures eight feet wide by eighteen feet long. The porch measures 6 feet long by 8 feet wide. A large tiny house porch gives me several options. I need to be able to change things up and move furniture around as my mood changes. Even in a tiny house I feel it is important to be able to change out furniture and décor. I could not imagine living day in and day out, year in and year out with the same stuff in the same place all the time. I would go stir crazy and be bored to death. Here is my little porch dressed and ready for the long warm days of summer. My prior post shows pictures of the porch in Feb. Yes, I change out my porch depending on the weather, holiday or my mood.

See more pictures of Tonita’s house at her blog:


I purchased lace panels from a thrift store for added privacy & a cozy feel

chickens and porch

My porch will seat four people comfortably

lots of room

I sat on my porch reading a book during a thunder storm last evening


Roses tied to an old wooden post welcome guests to my tiny retreat

seating for two

Seating for two on one side of the front door

chair and lace

Comfortable seating for two more people on the other side of the porch

chair and front door

The sun and lace create beautiful wall patterns depending on the time of day

lace and seating

It is so comfy on my porch as a warm summer breeze blows through the lace


An antique French key adds mystery to my front door


A vintage lunch box works great outside to hold and protect food items

wicker chair

The wicker table was on the side of the road = free, a coat of white paint and she has a new life

chickens and can

Rusty vintage chicken feeders make wonderful planters & an old milk can provides storage and when topped with a tractor seat makes a great place to sit

wicker sofa

My little wicker sofa was a Craig’s list find for $25.00


Adding shutters made a world of difference

tractor seat

A vintage ceiling tin piece sits above the top step to add interest to the porch area

Thanks for visiting my tiny front porch. It is such a fun and comfortable spot to relax, read, entertain, eat meals or just hang out with a girlfriend.

Remember, it is never too late to have a happy childhood.
Now…. go play.


Essiak Custom Designs, LLC

I want to introduce you to a new tiny house construction company called Essiak Custom Designs, LLC., located in Sulphur Springs, Arkansas. Essiak Custom Designs, LLC is more than a business. It is a passion for co-founders Zak & Cassie Beauford. The young couple strongly believes in the concept to “live simply so others may simply live.”

company logo

Having been raised in the construction world, Zak brings over a decade of experience and unique creativity to each project.

Cassie – though new to the construction world – is no stranger to public relations and is enthusiastic as she interacts with each client through the journey of designing and building their custom home.

Simple truths about Simple living

  • affordable – Essiak custom designs floor plans start at $12,900.00. You can minimize monthly mortgage payments to less than $200.00!
  • economical – Without excess space, utility bills will be minimal.
  • efficient – Strategic floor plans create a unique space that accommodates small living comfortably.
  • trendy – Essiak custom designs offers designs that suit a variety of preferences. Modern, rustic, contemporary, etc.

floor plans

Essiak designs to meet not only your needs, but, also your wants.


Contact them at:

479.256.9106 479.586.3011