LEAP Adaptive Hummingbird

LEAP Adaptive sells modern, green home plans online and they have recently designed their smallest home plan and are making it available to owners, contractors and architects. The Hummingbird is a 480-square-foot home that is energy efficient and utilizes a passive photovoltaic framework, low-VOC materials and the latest in green technology.


The Hummingbird has a living and kitchen area with a fire-ribbon fireplace (which requires no venting) and a large, covered deck which LEAP calls a “chill” space. A small bedroom and bathroom suite are also included. Plans for the hummingbird are priced at $995, the building kit is around $55,000 and an on-site built Hummingbird is about $80,000 which does not include the general contractor fee, building or permit fees.

Other green options included in the Hummingbird are:

  • Cement board or teak siding
  • Trex recycled content-engineered deck planking
  • Low-mass Structural Insulated Panels
  • Multi-unit sliding glass doors with dual-pane Low-E glass
  • Simpson “Strong-Wall” seismic resisting brace-frames
  • Low-flow plumbing fixtures
  • EnergyStar rated Heat-pump HVAC system, lighting and on-demand water heater

LEAP Adaptive is a home design group in San Diego, California. Design director Brian Darnell has spent the last 22 years designing multi-million-dollar residential estates, but realized that “the lust for size and granduer has given way to the realization that the economics and ecology of our flattening world can no longer support such extravagance.” LEAP seeks to create environmental designs that are easier on the owner’s wallet as well as on the earth.

Image Courtesy of LEAP Adaptive

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

Open Tiny House in Texas

Louis from Austin Tiny House who has just completed building his first tiny house in Austin, Texas is having an Open House tomorrow and I wanted to make sure you were aware of it.

The house is for sale and the price is $15,000. You can view the entire building process captured in photos and all the written details at Austin Tiny House.

Here are the details for the Tiny Open House:

When: 2-5 pm, Saturday, December 18th.

Where: Far south east corner of the property at 5213 Jim Hogg Ave in Austin, TX.

Please bypass the main house and the shed as you make your way back. The resident of the property has asked for people to stay out of those areas.

If you need more directions, feel free to call me (Louis): 512-698-6673

Hermit DeLuxe Plans Update

Joe Chipman has updated “The Hermit DeLuxe” plans as he has been building this tiny house on wheels and making a photo journal of the process as well updating any changes to the plans. The plans now consist of a 68 page ebook with detailed photos of the construction. I’ll let Joe tell you more about it.

The Hermit DeLuxe is a 160 square foot complete house on wheels with the basic needs for the new digital age hermit. Private bedroom with loft style single bed above, large computer desk below, storage bin, large window, and clothes closet. Ample kitchen area with deep laundry sink, mini refridgerator, camper style gas stove with oven, range hood, and plenty of storage above and below. Central heating area with both woodstove and 120 vac wall heater.

Private bath with sawdust toilet and splash shower with floor drain. Upper double bun area with storage and book shelves. Work height countertop with storage above and below.

Using standard home construction methods and materials, plenty of elbow grease and the labor of family and friends, I believe this project could be done under $6,000 to $7,000 using every trick to save money but not sacrifice quality or livability.

The plans are available for a small amount of $27. Anyone who purchased the plans previous to this new addition will receive the update shortly via email notification. You can purchase right here or on the “Plans Page.

The Hermit DeLuxe Plans $27

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Walt’s Micro Home Plans

Walt Barrett, who has designed and built a micro home and also guests posts here on the Tiny House Blog has recently made available his Micro Home plans and is letting me sell them to you on the Tiny House Blog.

The plans are for a micro home that is 8 foot by 16 foot and fits on a standard 16 foot trailer. It also has the option of being removed from the trailer and put on a standard foundation. The plans are detailed 33 pages including cut sheets and drafted by Chuck White.

Below are a few example pages from his plans. He has made them available at a very reasonable price of $19.95. You can purchase them below or on the Plans Page.

Walt’s 8 x 16 Micro Home Plans

Tiny House Movement Thrives

A couple of months ago Terence Chea from the Associated Press contacted me wanting to do a story about the tiny house movement. Terence wanted some local examples of tiny house builders so I put him in contact with Jay Shafer and Stephen Marshall. I also gave him Gregory Johnson of Small House Society contact information. Terence than arranged to come out and interview and video tape us at different locations.

Yesterday the Associated Press published the story with Jay Shafer and Tumbleweed as the top story. He than went on to quote Gregory and myself and closed with Stephen Marshall and Little House on the Trailer. The article went live yesterday and than spread almost virally across the web. Below you will see the story highlighted on Yahoo.com.

The good news is that there has been a huge spike in interest and traffic to our websites and blogs. I had triple the traffic yesterday and if you tried to get to the blog you found it extremely slow. Many more people have discovered the idea of tiny houses. I have been asked to be interviewed on two radio broadcasts and more requests are coming in. You can read the Associated Press article here.