Tumbleweed Fencl Plans Sale

Tumbleweed Fencl Plans Sale


I just received an update from Tumbleweed about a new video they have put together on the construction of the Fencl plus a few changes in prices and a special sale on their best selling plans the Fencl. Sale Over!

Tumbleweed is allowing several blogs to get the word out first before they advertise the sale on the Tumbleweed website. Below is the new video and Jay Shafer did an excellent job as it really give you the feel of what is involved in the construction of a Tumbleweed home.

Tumbleweed is also adjusting the pricing and here is why. “Tumbleweed is lowering prices because we will no longer be including consultations and workshops with the plans. Those will be sold separately.”

Here is the new pricing:

  • XS-House Plans $399
  • Epu, Weebee, Tarleton, Lusby $859
  • Fencl $859,

If you have been thinking of purchasing the Fencl plans starting now and before March 1, 2010 is the time to get them at this lower Sale Price. Click here to view more details


  1. A nice video of how they build the Tumbleweed homes. Too bad it was not available before I started. I noticed we did many of the same things though, so I feel good about they way I built mine. I thought Jay did most of the work, but nice to see he hires out experienced people for the build.

  2. I live in an authentic “cracker” house that I built myself in a remote spot in north central Florida.

    I’d like to purchase the fencl plans but, even at the sale price of $795, there is no way that I can afford them. I know that you must make a profit but, $300 seems more reasonable. I think it would be If I could make this build here in Florida. Is there some way that You can reconsider the price?

    David Cantlin

    • Hi David, I forwarded your comment to Tumbleweed as I just promote their products and I don’t have any say in the final price. -Kent