Tiny Little Swiss House

Tiny Little Swiss House


Stumbled upon your blog a couple of days ago and I really fell in love with it! What a great collection of tiny houses!

It reminded me of one of the smallest houses I’ve seen in my life. It was back in 1992 during one of my trips through Switzerland when I saw this barrel with a man living in it. He lived there the whole summer and it contained a bed, a table, storage space and even a tiny kitchen. Unfortunately I was young and didn’t have a great camera, so the attachment is the only picture I have of it. The barrel is located in Madulain, in the Engadin in Switzerland. It’s next to the train station.

Daan Vogel www.daanvogel.nl

tiny swiss house


    • Thanks for that link Mary! Looks like those pictures on that website have been taken a very long time ago as well. But definately bringing back good memories. I never knew they were there to rent.

  1. small space living what a zen experience. My space is only 8×8. A place to think and reflect like walden.Less things equals less distractions.Closer to nature, open door, garden right at the door, gutters to catch the rain,whimscial….