Tiny House Nursery

Attached are some photos of a tiny house nursery I encountered on a motorcycle cruise through upstate South Carolina. I was trying out my new Christmas present; a set of electrically heated gloves and jacket liner for riding my motorcycle in cold weather, when I came upon these little cottages. They are a collection of showrooms for a botanical nursery, but I couldn’t resist sharing them with you. They are across the road from the Gowensville, SC Community center.

tiny house nursery

As for me and the tiny house movement, I am building a Tumbleweed Vardo (out of wood harvested from family property) for retirement travel and as a living lab to prepare myself for a more permanent tiny house lifestyle in a 16 or 18 foot Tumbleweed cabin, for which I have already bought a trailer.

William Lampley
Hendersonville, NC





11 Comments Tiny House Nursery

  1. Gabriel

    Ghost town? But I liked it. I have one question, though: The reason in many countries for scaling down your house is land prices. This is true especially in Japan and many countries in Europe. I would be eager to see stackable modules. This has been done already, but I believe they deserve a deeper scope.

  2. Lucy

    Thanks so much for sharing these. Can you imagine if it was a little community? I hope to do that one day with my property. Fourteen acres in north Florida with big oaks and magnolias, I would love to host small permanent houses AND the rolling variety to those smart enough to follow this lifesetyle :-) Thanks again!

    1. Paula

      Fourteen acres with a hope and a plan?? Go for it I say! Start looking into your local ordinances and see what rules there are with regard to structures, water, sewer, etc. Maybe you can offer a tiny development with set foundations and another area for folks who are more mobile?

  3. Suzanne Donzero

    For years, I have been trying to convince my son that a 2-car garage IS big enough to make a great apartment!…maybe now he’ll actually consider it! Thanks for promoting such a GREAT idea!


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