Laird’s Yukon Modern Tiny Home

Laird’s Yukon Modern Tiny Home

modern tiny house

by Laird Herbert

Hi my name is Laird Herbert and I thought you might be interested in the tiny house I just completed.

This is my second tiny home that I have built. I lived in one full-time for a year over the winter and sold it last spring. I’m 28 years old and have lived in the Yukon for the past five. I am pretty happy puttering away building things. I’d much rather do this then sit in a cubicle! My passion is actually the design, that’s what I enjoy the most. So I’m diving into it full-time (hopefully) and will be building two more this summer (one for myself and another to sell), under Leaf House, which is my new company named after the famed Leaf House on Hornby Island which is where I spent my summers as a kid.

modern tiny house

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this northern rendition of a tiny house! It is much more challenging build tiny houses in an extreme winter climate. I’ve learned quite a bit about what you need to do when it’s -40 outside and your space is 160 ft2. I’ve also learned that it is a lot more expensive to build things in the North!

modern tiny house living area

This house features:

  • FSC cedar and metal siding
  • Heavy gauge steel stud construction with spray foam insulation
  • 1″-2″ Energy Shield wrap
  • Triple pane Northerm Windows
  • FSC hardwood oak flooring, 12? granite tiles in the entrance way and
  • ceramic tiles in the bathroom
  • Ultralight drywall, clear grain cedar, and birch plywood interior finishing
  • 24 inch GE propane range
  • Propane instant tank-less hot water heater
  • Half size stainless steel fridge
  • Full size bathroom with compact bathtub/shower, Kohler bathroom sink
  • and Sun Mar Compact Composting toilet
  • Recessed cedar slat bathroom door
  • LED and dimmable CFL and halogen lighting
  • Low and zero VOC wood finishes and paint
  • Living area with a pullout sofa, storage, and recessed book shelving
  • Loft with queen size memory foam mattress
  • Broan high efficiency bathroom fan and kitchen exhaust hood
  • 35 Gallon Water tank with outside water hookup or blue water tank
  • drain and a RV shurflo water pump
Please check out my website for more information and pictures:
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  1. Hi Mr. Herbert! I love, love this little house! I tried going to your website but it seems it isn’t there any longer. 🙁 Hopefully you see this and can put your website on here again! 🙂

  2. Hi there!

    I’m in love with this and would like to know how I can comission you to build one for us just like it. We would love to see more photos or gather more information. We would like to start building a home like this in 2013, so any information you can give us would be helpful since the link to your website appears to not be working. You’ve done amazing work on this, and we can imagine ourselves in one! Thanks for sharing your amazing talents!

  3. Dear Laird,
    I am considering a tiny house on wheels using steel studs. Have you published any information about your experience building with them? I’m curious about the weight of this tiny house. Did you rivet or weld the steels studs? Is the frame racking at all after traveling many miles?
    Thank you for sharing your experience.
    Chad 🙂

  4. Hey Laird – what an awesome design, very inspiring!

    It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but is the living room floor lower then the kitchen/rest of the floor of the tiny house?

    Thanks – keep up the good work!

    Monica Maggio
    Fruit Growing Expert
    Teacher, Consultant, Garden Coach

    Core Home Fruit Services

  5. Hi Laird,

    I’m in upstate NY; betwn Albany, NY and Saratoga NY…..when/if your ever ready….say mid 2014…let’s talk about building me a similar unit..and then making plans to build for others too. Goal by 2018; find land for a sustainable small community of these.