Jamie Dunbar’s Tiny House

Jamie Dunbar’s Tiny House


Lakeshore Mississippi was particularly hard hit by Hurricane Katrina which pretty much destroyed all the town’s homes. The reconstruction work is still ongoing and among those doing a lot of the work is Lakeshore Baptist Church, whose buildings were also leveled.

Jamie Dunbar one of the long term volunteers living in Lakeshore and helping with rebuilding efforts, shares a few pictures of the building of her new tiny home. She writes:


“Since I’ve been here I’ve lived in several different places here on the church property, but for the most part I’ve been living in a camper. The church has decided to build me a little home that I had designed. It’s 12 ft x 16 ft with a 4 ft front porch on the front making it 16×16. there is an 8 ft loft above.”

I really like her simple yet attractive design. When I first learned about it from Alex at Shedworking I wrote to Jamie and she shared her plans and drawings with me. Her tiny home is still being constructed so I will have an update later on when her home is completed. Thank you Jamie for sharing your experience with us.

You can find lots more details and photos at Jamie’s blog.






  1. Looked at her blog and seems that it’s coming along pretty well. Still not done, but it’ll look great when it’s done.