Hermit Deluxe Update

It all started last summer with the near completion of the Bunkhouse. Wanting more of a little house on wheels and using the designs I use with the bunkhuse the Hermit DeLuxe was born. Working last winter on two different designs I finally decided on one and got it up and ready.

This spring I relocated the solar panels and the related equipment from the 20 ft camper trailer and temporarily installed the equipment on site at the solarcamp. Then with help from a expert in building camper trailers we demoed the camper, took the scrap to the scrap yard, trash to the transfer site, and saved everything I possible could use for the Hermit DeLuxe.

Now down to the frame, I sandblasted and painted with free tractor paint. Then I set up the clean camper frame at the solarcamp on blocks and leveled it ready for construction. Needing a dry storage space at solarcamp for the larger construction materials I added a temporary tarp tent behind the solar panels.

After a month or so delay for some jobs I was working on, I started the floor, Aluminum flashing under a 2″ x 4″ frame, 3″ of Styrofoam R9 insulation and a OSB flooring with a heavy coat of exterior deck paint. Framed up the walls laying down on the deck when completed I arrange a house raising work party with all my friends and anybody else I could sucker in and raised the walls, installed the roof rafters and sided. After waiting out the rain and delivery of the roofing, I than roofed and constructed and installed custom door and frame.

I should complete painting and trimming of roof in the next few days. after completion of door and wheel tubs the building will be weathered in and ready for winter. I will be continuing to work on the Hermit DeLuxe as money and weather allows. I believe that anyone can build the Hermit DeLuxe with ease. as long as you have the funds, time and patience you can build the Hermit DeLuxe of your dreams.

You can purchase Joe Chipman’s plans here. Anyone who buys the plans now will receive a free update of the plans with photos when the Hermit Deluxe is completed.

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