Gabi’s Tortoise Shell Home

Bill Kastrino’s original little Tortoise Shell Home has found a new owner and a new location. Gabriella Skollar known as Gabi to her friends, came from Hungary 4 years ago to work and study at the Gibbon Conservation Center. She fell in love with Bill’s Tortoise Shell Home and made a deal with him to procure it. It now resides on the Gibbon Conservation Center’s property. This is what Gabi has to say about her new home.
“After being here for four years, I felt I needed to have my own home where I could get away and have some solitude. I would like to share with you some photos of my Little Tortoise Shell Home. You can not imagine how nice it is for me to go into my little house and have a break from work, with some silence, read a good book, work on my study or just relax. This home has made me very happy!”

I am happy everything worked out for Gabi and that the home is living up to her dreams. Thank you Gabi for sharing the pictures with us. To learn more about Tortoise Shell Homes click here.



Looking Down From Loft

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Scott Smith - February 13, 2009 Reply

Awesome!! It is nice to see these homes be used and appreciated for what they are, do, and represent — Rather than to just be like a museum. I’m glad that Bill was able to do a deal for her. Part of being successful in any business is a degree of generosity – and Bill with Tortoise Shell Homes has shown that. Great Article

Kent - February 13, 2009 Reply

Hi Scott – Yes, I love seeing real people living in these tiny homes and sharing their stories. In fact I’m in the process of starting a new site that will show people who have built and documented their construction of Tumbleweed Tiny houses. The object will be show anyone that they can do it themselves and give them the confidence to try. So look for this new site in the near future.

Ben Brown - February 16, 2009 Reply

There are multiple benefits to tiny dwellings… but it hit me the other day… that the huge disruption that comes from having to pack and reorganize, create a new comfortable familiar-ness in a new structure can be minimized with a small easily portable dwelling. HOME is simpler to take with you and has more security from the landlord who sells the property from under you or the job that relocates. I like Gabi’s statement that she has a refuge, which is something fewer and fewer of Americans have.

    Ilana - November 10, 2009 Reply

    Thanks Ben, for helping me put into words more clearly what I have been trying to tell my friends and family! I tell them I’m a “Tiny House” fan, but it’s been hard to explain how a portable Tiny House is different from an RV. There’s just a solid “home” feeling that doesn’t exist in a metal dwelling.

    Thanks again!

steve - March 25, 2009 Reply

would have liked to have seen the true potential of this space utilized

Morgan Polen - August 12, 2009 Reply

I think these homes are great. Do you have pictures of the bedroom area?

I really, want to know more about them. Also are there any land plots or home areas to buy, rent, co-op?

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