Eco Cottages by Zoe

by Kent Griswold on December 16th, 2009. 11 Comments
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Last December Christina covered Zoe Outdoor Cottages in Salem, Oregon. Joe contacted me recently about a new affordable and unique structure they have designed and are selling. This looks like another great option that could be used as a tiny house.

I’ll let Joe tell you more about the Eco Cottage.


At Zoe we have been building whimsical cottages and guest houses since 2004. We wanted to do something using an arched roof and interior ceiling inspiration that brings back magical memories of Middle Earth, Frodo Baggins and the Hobbit village rounded cottages, built into the side of the hills.

Using a computer cutting design machine and the skills of our own artisan craftsmen we created a cottage solution that is incredibly well insulated and cozy, warm and delightful in its design and maybe as importantly, surprisingly affordable.

Before our prototype model was even finished it was snapped up by a Park & Campground on the Oregon coast to be used for overnight guest visitors and the park owner ordered an identical “sister” cottage that will be situated right next to the first overlooking the ocean and the bay.

We can reproduce these 11′ x 20′ hobbit cottages with a full bath and kitchenette, ready to be connected to any RV Site (water, sewer & power) in the $14,500 – $16,500 range. Delivery is available to most of the western states. An optional copper or steel roof is also available.





11 Responses to “Eco Cottages by Zoe”

  1. Carey Huffman says:

    Can they put on a trailer like most of the other tiny houses? That helps a great deal to get around housing codes.

    • joe o says:

      yes Carey, all of our cottages can be mounted or built on tandem axle trailer frames, allowing for great portability. It does add some cost of course, between $1200 & $1850.
      joe OConnor

  2. Barb says:

    This is so gorgeous, so original, so unique. I love it.

  3. Kat says:

    This is absitively, posilutely the neatest thing I’ve seen in a long time. I am hunting the “perfect” small house, and this is as close as I’ve seen so far. Love the idea, but would need to be a tad (small tad) larger for full time, I think. Wonderful!! Keep up the good work.

  4. di says:

    Could we see a floor plan with the full bath and kitchen?

  5. Brad Dosch says:

    Do you sell/ship the frame/arch components only?
    This is definately something I would be interested in, possibly in volume, to keep prices down? Ideal if the components from your CNC milling process could be acquired without paying for the expense of shipping a ‘completed’ structure to my location in Wisc.

  6. Wow, nice work guys. I cant quite beat you in price, but i build rounded tiny houses too. It is really nice to see others doing this. Id love to see one someday. Next time i head south? (i am in olympia,wa)


  7. Terrie Brooks says:

    We recently built our own “tiny house” we loved zoe cottages , and tried to reach them for months!
    They were our first choice to help us build our dream cottage. They NEVER responded to numerous Emails and phone messages that we left.
    We found a local “shed builder” to help us, we love our cottage. Zoe looks good ,but don’t hold your breath!
    Sad but true.

  8. Rich Arnold says:

    I ordered Zoe Cottage’s new 2013 model of their Queen Anne version. To make this short and not-so-sweet, the owner, Joe O’Connor insists on final payment prior to delivery, finish materials, plumbing fixtures, building materials were shorted, and were not included as per the contract, and he NEVER returns emails or telephone calls. Once he has your money he vanishes. I’m $3000.00 out of pocket because he did not allow enough to pay the onsite builders which I had to pay out of pocket. BUYER BEWARE, Zoe Cottages and Joe O’Connor is not an ethical businessman. It’s very sad because I had high hopes.

  9. Fummins says:

    Run dont walk from this guy…..

  10. yann says:

    Hello, we provide the original POD originating from the UK, which is in fact a patented product – Registered Design 4 0001 682-.

    The standard POD ( capacity 2 to 4 persons ) is proposed at 5 500 euros, the Family Pod ( capacity 6/7 persons ) at 7 900 euros and the bungalow Mega Pod fully equipped with bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom (capacity 4 persons) at 14 500 euros. You can check images on :

    Best regards,


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