Dennis’s Tiny House

Dennis’s Tiny House

tiny house

Guest Post by Dennis

I have been following the Tiny House Blog since 2008 and love all the info you have shared over the years. I live in the Black hills of South Dakota.

I have already built two tiny houses (very tiny) 64 square feet and 80 square feet. Now I have built a 144 square foot tiny house and I would like to share it with you.

This tiny house or shed is completely built from native ponderosa pine. We went to the forest, cut the tree,s and milled all the lumber ourselves.

I purchased two windows and a door from a Re-store in our town.

I just posted this house on Craig’s list yesterday. It was exciting for me to build this. I am not going to live in this one because now I have purchased a 32 foot trailer and I am going to build on for myself.

Thank you for all your valuable information over the years.


left side tiny house

right side tiny house

tiny house shed roof

inside of tiny house

inside tiny house


  1. Thanks for sharing! I really dig the simplicity– I could easily imagine a sleeping/sitting space on one side, a shower/toilet space on the other and the kitchen space in between.

    As well, do you have any links/photos to the other two houses?


  2. i would love to see the other two as well. i’m currently building an 8×12 based on the ‘grand cabin’ plans from butler projects and still open to any last minute floor plan ideas.

  3. It is so exciting to see someone right in the backyard so to speak that not only is interested in the Tiny House Movement but has rolled up their sleeves and built something. I am pretty sure that the city (Sioux Falls) or county governments would move pretty quick to stop any tiny homes in this part of the state.

  4. In my area the roof pitch would have to be a little steeper because of snow load, especially with the snow we have gotten in the north east this winter. I like the vapor barrier. I could live in one of these, but my wife wouldn’t…hey I might have to build one, disguise it as a tool shed (live in the village).