Billie’s ‘Big’ Little House

Billie McKig homeowner in Berkeley, California, describes her little house as “perfect” and “just ideal.” Not an inch of space is wasted; built-ins provide a TV area and her walk-in closet holds a modern washer/dryer combo. At 540 sq. ft., her home is compact yet comfortable says McKig.

Walk through the house with Billie in the flash movie.
Berkeley Architect, John Hopkins says: “Although zoning requirements restricted the cottage to 540 sq. ft. and the site included a California live oak tree that had to be protected, Hopkins was able to create a home that’s both compact and comfortable. The floor plan eliminates wasted space and consolidates many functions into as few rooms as possible. Maximizing the ceiling height takes the onus off a small space, and the use of ceiling-height windows and doors adds to the expansive feeling. Outside, meanwhile, a large deck nearly doubles the living space.”

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Living Room


13 Comments Billie’s ‘Big’ Little House

  1. Richard Schramm

    I was wondering if you were going to put the plans up for sale. This footprint would fit the needs of my wife and I to a “T” We are looking for a house then would blend into the environment. Please write.


    Richard & Rebecca

  2. Bob Dansby


    This is a beautiful home. I, too, would love to buy a copy of the plans to build a similar home in Georgia.

    Thank you.

  3. Dave

    I love this as well. I am considering options for my aging father. This would work incredibly well. Thank you for sharing.

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  5. Rebecca

    Great style for a small home. This seems an ideal size to me. My plan is 24×24 but 1/4 is a greenhouse. I wonder if the architect would turn it into drawings?


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