Alaska Small House

Alaska Small House


It’s fun when family and friends get involved with the Tiny House Blog. My sister and her husband are up in Alaska on business and my brother-in-law Geoff saw this sign while traveling and snapped a photo with his iPhone and sent it to me. Here is what he says:

Shelley and I have been in Alaska the last few days. There appears to be lots of “small houses.” I saw this posted on a post office board and thought you might find it interesting. Geoff

Maybe someone up in Alaska will see this and turn it into their own small home.

Alaska small home for sale


  1. Very nice! It would be nice if I lived in Alaska. I would very much like the house on my future hermitage to be like this. It’s a perfect size.

  2. I lived in both Fairbanks and Anchorage, and these little gems are all over…even before the tiny house move started.
    One poster showed his house with a thatched roof and they have those up there a lot, letting the goats be their lawn mowers!
    I loved it up there and would be back in a heartbeat if I could.
    That house is probably sold already for that price. Very nice.

  3. I <3 Alaska, and I <3 this tiny house!! šŸ˜€
    One day I'm going to live on the Aleutian Chain in a tiny house and eat fresh fish and grow little potted veggies.

    • Hi Donna – This is a fine-looking little house, but there’s nothing trick here. Any contractor – or even a good handy man – should be able to build you your own version. The caveats: Be sure that both of you have 100% understanding – in writing – as to what’s going to be built. You will also want to have the process change orders (modifications made during construction) spelled out.

  4. this was in Talkeetna, built by a friend of mine, he does great work. As far as moving goes – laws are different in different places. This would be no problem to move with a legal contractor. moving little places happens a lot up here. Not on trailers, but with house-moving companies. works great. my childhood home was bigger than this and moved from one town to another. No big thing.

  5. Very cute!

    My husband and I are considering moving to Alaska from California. Does anyone know of a tiny house community/online forum for Alaskans?