Tiny House Philippine Project

Tiny House Philippine Project

moving tiny house

by Dennis Drake

I am from Montana, but have been working with the Deaf (Hearing Impaired) community on the island of Bohol in the Philippines for the past 30 years. It has always been my goal to build affordable housing for our deaf families. We have come up with a new one that I wanted to share with your readers. I have listed a couple of links below that talk about what we are accomplishing.

This concept is nothing new but has wider implication beyond our deaf employees. There is a great deal of interest from the general public so hopefully will become a business that can support livelihoods for 10 or so deaf workers and their families. We are currently using our own lumber and ship-lap siding, but will most likely shift to steel studs and composite siding that is more durable and doesn’t require painting. Our deaf families are able to make payments of only $75 a month to purchase a house and a lot.



    • I’m from Negros Oriental, Dumaguete City in particular. From what part of Negros are you, Sir Justin? I am an advocate for the Tiny House Movement also…

  1. Wow this is awesome, even in Philippine! I am deaf and live in America. I discovered little house movement a year ago, and I think this would make great homes for us. Good luck to these people!

  2. Thank you so much for your hard work! What a great idea – creating affordable housing AND jobs. Are you running for president by any chance? Great work – you ROCK!

  3. Hi! How do i contact roy? Im from the phils also and I would like to do a project like this also. hope we get to see the interiors. Great Project!

  4. I enjoyed the article and the video. I was most excited seeing a tiny home village — would love to see that concept come to the USA.

    What’s the price comparison to the USA since you mentioned that house payments are $75/month in Phillipines? Thanks!

  5. I will post an interview I conducted with one of the deaf families that live in a micro house in Cohen Village on the island of Bohol in the Philippines. It is pretty inspiring. The couple also give a tour of the inside of their home. The houses are very basic so everyone can finish off the inside how every they like. I’m in the States right now but will post it in a few weeks when I’m back in Bohol.

    • Wow! I would love to see this replicated in Negros Oriental, as well. We have so many families left homeless from the recent typhoons…

  6. I like this concept. I supply building materials from China. If you want to use MgO boards instead of timber to make similar tiny houses, please contact me. Sam

  7. I wish we have Tiny House Subdivisions here in the Philippines. Specially in Makati, so I wouldn’t have to commute three hours away from home.

    • Hi, Ms. Shielyn Martinez!
      I had been an advocate of the Tiny House Movement here in our country since the year 2009. I’m trying to get the concept introduced in the mainstream. Let’s keep in touch so I can keep you posted on any developments. It is my greatest greatest desire to build my own Tiny House on Wheels in a year or two. I believe this can be realized, especially with lots of help from friends in high places, most of all, our greatest brother & friend, our Lord Jesus Christ

  8. What did you use for insulation (against heat)? I plan to make one like this in our backyard but I’m afraid it will be too hot inside (like oven hot, tropical country and all).

  9. Hi, Dennis!

    How’s it going? I hope we could work on a similar project for the survivors of Super Typhoon Yolanda (International Name: Haiyan) and the recent Super Typhoon Ruby (International name: Hagupit).

    It’s so sad what has happened to the temporary junk, I mean, bunk houses built by the Philippine government for the Typhoon Yolanda survivors, only to have the roofs blown away by the Super Typhoon Ruby.

    I am sharing your project in my FB page Tiny House Movement – Philippines for all to see. The Tiny House Movement is slowly catching fire here in the country and I believe you are a blessing, not just to the Deaf community in Bohol but to the whole Philippine Islands.

    We are currently planning on a project building dome-shaped houses for the “climate change” refugees. Dome houses are well-documented to withstand the strongest hurricane or typhoon. We hope the Monolithic Dome would also work with us in this noble project. With your building experience in the Tiny House project, you will make a great contribution to the project.

    Please feel free to contact me in my email address:

    0915 598 4769

    Looking forward to hearing from you. More blessings to come your way! Kudos!