Deek’s $100 Homeless Hut Video

Deek’s $100 Homeless Hut Video

deek's shelter

I haven’t shown off any of Derek Diedricksen’s videos lately and he just came out with a new Tiny Yellow House video. I thought that as a simple shelter this first one was great I agree with Deek that it could work as a homeless shelter as well. The one featured in this video would make a impressive fort for a kid or hideaway for anyone in the woods somewhere. Personally, I prefer the one he made for his brother that is a little larger (I have included that video also).

They are easy to make with either three 4 x 4 sheets of 3/4″ plywood for the small one or three full size 4 x 8 sheets if you want to make the larger one. Anyway, Deek demos how to make one and I think just about anyone could put one of these together.

It sure makes you think about what a person really needs for the most basic of shelter and just might be the inspiration of some cool project for yourself. Deek does a great job of decorating the little space. Thanks Deek for sharing!

deek's shelter


  1. Deek has the most unique way of adding charm and funky details to each of his projects. Tiny houses don’t need to be so serious…have some fun with them!

  2. “I thought that as a simple shelter this first one was great I agree with Deek that it could work as a homeless shelter as well.”

    And it will be sited where? Put that thing anywhere in the US and government goons will tear it down as it doesn’t meet building codes (which are really just a way to make houses more expensive so only the “right” kind of people can afford to build them).

    • I agree somewhat with your building code view, but also disagree… building codes are for safely as well… just look at last winter in the northeast… roofs, by code, are required to bear so much weight, and thankfully so with all the snow we had… that is just one example…
      but i hear ya…

      • yeah- many codes make alot of sense- while others might be archaic- and ridiculous. Anyway, with this structure, its so tiny, that I think it’d almost be classified as a mini-shed, or “fort”. Plus, its roof is so light-weight that if it ever collapsed, you still might sleep through it….

        Thanks for watching- and thanks Kent


          • my roof comment was in jest….
            Such a small area (square footage)- and supported so closely with 2by4’s could support a TON of snow though, the whole cabin would probably be buried from accumulation before the roof gave. I have a photo I took, on my blog, from a ways back of me standing on the roof- so the roof at least holds 210 pounds in an undistributed spot/manner.
            Anyway, point being, even if the roof collapsed, which would be unlikely, I don’t think anyone would be hurt (the intent of my kidding-comment). Thanks for the input/checking it out “et”- hope you’re well


  3. I’ve lived in a few shacks that ‘flew under the radar’ – this one would be great with a different paint job and a camo tarp would be a handy accessory too. Depending on your hideout location you might need something to block the light escaping at night and to help hide the place during the day. As a cool hangout for a grandkid this is definitely way up on the list and easy enough for the kids to help build and decorate. I couldn’t quite see, but is the roof fastened down with some kind of sealing strip or roofing nails with gaskets, or what?

    • Yeah- I agree- “camou” it up, perhaps use a metal roof (which you could paint, or drape a net over (which would block the light at night)), and plop this thing in some out of the way (out of sight) spot in the woods. There’s a homeless guy in my town, and I’ve seen the woods spot he squats in, and I’d love to build him a structure to give it a REAL test, but I’m worried I’d be sued by the town later, or who knows what- its one of the reasons I’m going to work with/fund some shelters for the Atlanta-based group “The Mad Housers”- to build their designs, and perhaps a new one of my own- Kent might have something on this down the road.
      Also- the roof is fastened down with hex-head screws with neoprene washers/gaskets….they work well- real well.


  4. Unfortunately, too many people in this country do not believe people should be allowed to live simply and make their own choices and take the results whatever they may be.

    No, those who feel they know best have already decided how you should be allowed to live.

    And they’re going to coerce you to conform. Unless you decide to put all your stuff in a shopping cart and push that around.

  5. thanks michelle- if you do and have any questions, etc- let me know- I might sketch up some plans/cutting lists, etc down the road too for this, and a few other things….I also have some sketches/new stuff being re-released through a sketch book/zine called “Quick Camps and Leg Cramps” back out pretty soon- a small 200 copy or so run.


  6. ok, i’m new at this, but i took a look at brittany’s rental ‘tiny house’ and i saw a kitchen, and it’s sink/faucets, but not a toilet… it there one???

  7. I love this shelter. It was amazingly exciting taking the tour round the shelter. This summer, I would like to build one of my own but I have no experience at all with woodwork or power tools. I woner if you could explain how to build the platform and the leg extention and the shelves inside more clearly. I also saw that in the intro there was something about a book but I can’t find out anything about it. Oh, and is there a mini blueprint or PDF that could aid my try to build my own hundred dollar homeless shelter? I want one coz I just wanna get away from the family sometimes. A little peace to read. If you find the time to reply I would be really grateful!
    Marin Tikvica