If your looking for basic shelter with a very limited budget. Check out World Shelters U-Dome. a 200 sq ft 12 feet tall dome structure. This may be just what you are looking for to get started in a tiny house living structure.

The U-Dome is a versatile, all-weather shelter that can withstand extreme heat and cold, significant wind, and light snow loads with proper installation. They are made with materials that resist rot and mildew, patterns that can easily incorporate local materials, and they are re-usable. Joist floor plans, included with purchase.

Options include pre-hung screen and aluminum double door. Windows and vents. Use a highly efficient electric or propane heater. Off-grid options such as solar and wind, water collection and cistern and composting toilets, allow you to place this just about anywhere.

At $1545 plus options and your floor how can you beat this price?

To learn more visit the World Shelter site.

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Ge0ffrey - August 15, 2010 Reply

I’d be more prone to buy this book if you WEREN’T endorsed by Oprah.

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