ArkPak Power Pack Review

arkpak and accessories

by Kent Griswold

I recently received an ArkPak to test and review. The ArkPak is a power pack which can be used for a small back up generator or is great for camping, etc. off the grid.

A lot of power packs you see these days come sealed so you can’t change the battery when it is at the end of its life. The ArkPak comes without a battery and you can choose which type to put in and replace as needed.

The ArkPak is the only power pack with a built in charger. It will also take a battery up to 130 amp hours or group 31+ for the longest output time. It works with both 12V and 110V power so that you can run just about anything you need to while out in the woods.

Assembly was fairly easy, the ArkPak has a plastic container that opens and you install your battery. Once the battery is in the enclosure, simply sinch it in with the velcro strap and attach the cables. Make sure you put them in correctly. ArkPak has a great installation manuel so be sure and follow it. Once the battery is connected you turn it system on and answer a couple of questions as to what type of battery you have and the amps so it will charge correctly and not hurt your battery.

connecting battery cables

My battery needed charging so I used the enclosed 110V adapter and charged it. It gives you a graphic that tells you the percentage of charge and lets you know when the battery is completely charged.

battery being charged and readout

As an option you can purchase an adapter to charge your ArkPak in your car when you are on the road. Here you see it hooked up in my Mini Cooper and charging. This would be great when you are on your way to your campsite or moving from one place to another.

12 volt car charger

You can also charge your ArkPak using solar panels and I will do a test with this option in the near future.

The ArkPak allows you run appliances on 110V power, up to 150 watts. It has a built in 150W inverter so if you try to run something that is larger it will alert you and shut the inverter off. This should be fine for running your computer, a small TV, and most lights. I hooked up my Ryobi drill charger and it worked great. Also my laptop worked fine, so I can recharge it while out an about or with a power outage at home.

charging drill

charging computer

The ArkPak also has 12V capabilities and that is where it can really shine. It can give you days of 12V power with a full battery charge.

12 volt power

The ArkPak also has a built in USB charger so you can charge your mobile phone, tablets, etc.

The ArkPak is quite affordable if you compare it to other power packs on the market. With my marine battery installed it weighed in at 48 pounds. With a larger battery I understand it can weigh up to around 70 pounds. So you are not going to want to haul this too far. The plastic latch has me a little concerned, but all in all it seems fairly sturdy for being a plastic enclosure.

This would work great as a supplemental power system in a tiny house or remote cabin. Click here to learn more about it.

Following is a video showing how it works in the outdoors.

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Nancy - February 25, 2014 Reply

We have a smaller power pack on our boat, but once used up, yep, it needs total replacement. This year we’ll be using our small solar panel to keep the charge on all our batteries topped up. While at anchor in some remote gunk hole or at a camping site, this keeps running a car or boat engine to a minimum. Thanks for the heads-up, worth remembering and longer output than ours.

Lew - February 25, 2014 Reply

Price seems high for what it is. Battery not included. 150W inverter is pretty limited. Check out Steven Harris work that he has done. Make the same thing for a little cheaper with much more capability. There a free podcast of his check it out. Tell me what ya think. I cannot prove that his is better. I want to build one of his. Granted this one ready to go vs Stevens you need to build. I think the extra effort is more than worth it.

Sandy Bee - February 25, 2014 Reply

This box is $400, and that is not including all the required parts. Add another $100. or more for your deep cycle battery… I would say choose what functions you really must have, and then shop around.

Linda Quiggle - February 25, 2014 Reply

I am a designer who has decided to turn my hand to designing tiny homes for the mature adult who intends to live in their home on a permanent basis. Will the arkpak maintain your refrigerator while traveling during the day? I ask this because diabetics need to keep much of their medication refrigerated.

    Lew - February 25, 2014 Reply

    The inverter is only 150W. I think you need more like 1500W inverter. 150W powers a laptop or small TV. A small coffee pot uses 650W. Google Search watt usages for appliances. And I understand you want to use a size larger. So you have some safety room, like get 1000W for usage of 750W.

    Anyone know better than I?

    Eric - February 26, 2014 Reply

    Linda – I would suggest you use a portable refrigeration box for your medical supplies, 12V powered. You will find them available at large truck stop stores at a much lower cost than this rig, and it can run off your auto 12V socket, or house 12V supply.

Johan - February 25, 2014 Reply

For us Europeans, what would be the best option that can deliver 220/230V instead of 110V?

    Eric - February 26, 2014 Reply

    There is a supply of 220-230V /50 cycle inverters available if you shop the high end manufacturers. Run a search for
    220v 50hz inverters and you will find a good list of suppliers, add your nation name to the search for local possibilities.

Laura - March 5, 2014 Reply

Does anyone have a link to Steven Harris’s info for his powere pack

Julie Johnson - August 10, 2016 Reply

I got mine from they have them stateside in stock and shipped free freight. We got ours in 3 days… in time for the tail gate party… They also had a really good battery that we used. AGM something or another – it was like 350 bucks extra but Pete says it will last 3-5x as long as the cheap 125 dollar battery. And they do not leak as the other ones do. It works great… we ran our 42″ Tv and stereo system plus a small fridge all day – plus it has 12v sockets to charge our cell phones or video camera…

We love it….

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