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When Home Shrinks

The New York Times printed an article yesterday about a family who cut the size of their house to more than half the size. Giving up a big house to conserve money can create conflict with children. Even with the oldest away in college many issues have come up regarding this change. The family downsized […]

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Louisiana Cabin By The Lake

Our idea began to take form in late 2008 when we saw the attractive little dwellings in the Web site. We especially liked the houses with wood paneled walls. Not long after, while driving down the Interstate, we noticed a beautiful cabin for sale in a portable building sales lot. These portable buildings were […]

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Bill’s Solar Tiny House

Lots of new tiny houses being built right now and Bill Brooks from the Central Valley in California has also started building a house for himself. Here is Bill’s story. While I still plan on creating a blog, here is the background story for my tiny trailer house. I am having fun building the trailer, […]

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