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Jake’s Bus Conversion

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! The other day when I posted the bus for sale and talked about sharing some bus conversions, I was surprised by how many responses I received. There is quite an interest in this idea and I see several posts in the future on this subject. Jake was one of those who emailed […]

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Wes’s House

My small building project began at the end of the summer. I had moved out of my Brooklyn loft rather suddenly on September 1st. Couch-surfing and apartment hunting became the norm for a few weeks when I had the good fortune to spend a typically beautiful day in my good friend’s backyard. This particular yard […]

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Ryo’s Hut in the Mountains

Ryo contacted me about his project in Northern California. Ryo has put together a shelter for a very small amount of cash and I think we can all learn from his experience. Ryo has a very interesting blog and you will enjoy reading it. It is a journal of his experiences in building his hut, […]

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