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It Has to go Somewhere!

Water and Waste Management Systems Part II By Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell Last week, I posted about water sources. This week, we’ll discuss what to do with the wastewater. We put in a standard septic system with lateral lines that seep into the ground. We really didn’t have a choice, but for us, I think it was […]

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Jason’s Chicken Coop

Jason contacted me recently about his tiny house project. Although not for humans, there is no reason it could not be modified for that purpose. Jason’s “chicken coop” is six feet by eight feet which gives you 48 square feet to play with, and I’d say if I was a chicken that I would want […]

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Jake’s Bus Conversion

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! The other day when I posted the bus for sale and talked about sharing some bus conversions, I was surprised by how many responses I received. There is quite an interest in this idea and I see several posts in the future on this subject. Jake was one of those who emailed […]

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