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Ryo’s Hut in the Mountains

Ryo contacted me about his project in Northern California. Ryo has put together a shelter for a very small amount of cash and I think we can all learn from his experience. Ryo has a very interesting blog and you will enjoy reading it. It is a journal of his experiences in building his hut, […]

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Jenine’s Tiny House on a Trailer

I always enjoy finding someone new building a house and especially locally where I can go an observe. I was talking with my neighbor a few houses down who is planning on constructing one himself and he told me that he was helping Jenine Alexander build one in downtown Healdsburg and invited me to come meet […]

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Denny’s Cabin in Missouri

Denny Henke wrote me and told me about his cabin/eco village in Missouri. I have posted a few of his photographs but you can view the rest on flickr and visit his ongoing blog called Our Tomorrow. I’ll let Denny tell his story. I’ve been living full time in my 12×16 cabin since May of […]

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