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Tell Me What You Really Think About That Tiny House

Notes from a Nosey Neighbor My next-door neighbor recently put his house up for sale. His tiny house. It’s 330 square feet total, with a nice front yard and surrounded by standard sized homes. From the day he hammered the For Sale sign in the yard, I’ve been privy to all the comments, judgments, and […]

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Tiny House Roadtrippin’ for a Purpose

Tiny House Expedition Travels to Document the Revolutionary Tiny House MovementAlexis Stephens (that’s me!) and Christian Parsons are filmmakers, tiny house dwellers and and perhaps the most traveled tiny house couple. Together we are on an extraordinary journey with a purpose across North America with their DIY tiny home wheels. We have logged over 27,000 […]

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School Bus Conversion to Tiny Home

After quitting my job and selling everything, I’m road tripping 49 states as a daily #vanlife travel vlogger. Over 4 months, I converted a retired school bus into a pimped out reclaimed wood skoolie. A “tiny house” on wheels, named “Dan the Adventure Bus!” I’m investing my life savings into making a career out of […]

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