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Robin Hood’s Hideout and Havenwald

Hi Kent, I found your blog long about 2012 after I added up what I’d spent in rent over the past 20 years (somewhere in the neighbourhood of $194,000.) Determined to live a life I love, I’d left my soulless corporate job, and started painting again. But the high cost of living in LA was […]

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A Very Tiny (House) Christmas

As can be expected, our little family’s choice to live tiny generates a lot of buzz and tons of questions. Why did you decide to do this? How do you survive with two kids in such a small space? Are you going stir crazy in the winter months? The most commonly asked question we have […]

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Hosting A Houseful When Your House Is A Camper

Since downsizing from 2000 square feet to under 200, we have hosted several visitors. However, the occasional passerby who wants to come in and “oooohhh” and “ahhhhh” at how we survive on so little is much different than housing overnight guests. This weekend we hosted our sister and brother-in-law and their three awesome kiddos for […]

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