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Garage Cabin on a Budget

Guest Post by FORREST Scott Strenzel The better half comes in the rec room of your 1800 square foot home and says, honey lets go live TINY, so we can have more disposable income and more time together and or with the kids etc. ?I did that to hopefully gather your attention. Many couples and […]

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Ryan’s Legal Tiny House in Rutherford County NC

Well, it took about four months of solid work to build this house but it’s done. We pulled permits and passed the final inspection last Monday. Now waiting for Duke electric to hook up cables and install the meter and I can check all systems and the well water connections for leaks. The main house […]

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Unfinished Business – How to Rebuild My Life

—By Brian Platt Looking back on it, I might as well have said “let’s build a rocket ship” I was so out of my element. But now, three months later and after gaining experience with log tongs, ridge poles, and reimagined “non-permitted structure” foundations, I’d compare it more to building a Boeing-787. Still well out […]

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