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Canopy & Stars Tiny Houses

The name of this vacation rental company in the United Kingdom might have picked the best name to describe the simplicity of staying in or living in a tiny house. Canopy & Stars have taken it a step further and offer handpicked quirky and eco-friendly small places to stay within Europe. They include tree houses, […]

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The Little Rustic Cabin on Wheels

Hal's Vardo exterior

I retired a few years back to help my wife, who’s health is failing. Looking for something to do to occupy my spare time without leaving her by herself, I decided to drag out my woodworking tools and work in the garage on little projects. I went to wally world and purchased a baby monitor […]

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Julie’s Sheep Wagon

My friend Julie’s family comes from a ranching family in eastern Nevada and various antique items have made it into her home including a full-size sheep wagon that now sits comfortably in her backyard. The wagon was formerly used by her husband and father to camp in while they went hunting in the wilderness of […]

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