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Zyl’s Little Bird Vardo

little bird in Portland

Abel Zyl of Zyl’s Vardos sent me some photos and information on his latest build. A tiny house called the Little Bird which resides in Portland, Oregon. I hope to visit it in October as my daughter is a good friend of the owner, so expect another update then. In the meantime, here are some […]

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EcoPod Holidays Homes

The tiny EcoPod Holidays vacation homes, located in the Derbyshire area of England are not only portable vardo-like structures, but they have been built from over 50 percent waste materials including sheep’s wool and recycled glass bottles. Each of the EcoPod Holiday huts are available as vacation rentals for people who love to be in the […]

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Sheepherder Wagon Community in Idaho

sheep wagon 2

Sheepherding may be a thing of the past, but along Idaho’s Salmon River is a little community preserving this past with a modern twist. Though the residents don’t tend sheep, they choose to live as the sheep herders did in a small efficient sheep wagon. Massage therapist Renee Silvus had her sheep wagon built by […]

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