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Joseph’s Gypsy Wagons

Joseph Crowell has been building buses and vans for many years, but was recently inspired to build his first gypsy wagon by Sunny Baba, an activist and spiritualist who has built dozens of gypsy wagons.

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Idaho Sheep Wagons

Kim Vader and his family have lived in Boise, Idaho since the early 1900’s. His ancestors were sheep farmers, his aunt was Basque, and their lives in the high desert have inspired Kim to design and build classic sheep wagons. This style of wagon was originally used by sheep herders who needed a portable place […]

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Hornby’s Sandpiper Caravan

Hi, I’m Michelle Wilson and my company is Hornby Island Caravans located on…yup, Hornby Island which is in British Columbia, Canada. So far my crew consists of me and occasionally my husband Lawrence Nyberg who is also a very fine luthier (builder of guitars and other stringed instruments). We have just recently completed our 2nd […]

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