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Spice Box Homes Mountain Mansard

The name for this 105 square foot house fits perfectly. The tiny structure would be at home in any rustic, mountain landscape and its distinctive mansard roof is different from many tiny homes. This little, mobile house is the newest edition to the Spice Box Homes repertoire and will be available for sale June 2015.

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The Real Cost Of Living Full-Time In An RV

Just as the more commonly accepted THOW forums go there is always that one question that is asked over and over and over so to does the RV community. It usually manifests itself as some version of “How much does it cost per month to live full-time in an RV?”  And as one would imagine […]

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Amy’s Tiny Lotus House in Montana

Amy Randolph’s Tiny Lotus is nearly ready to bloom. The 133 square foot tiny home with a 7×7 loft is currently being completed in Bozeman, Mont. and Amy plans to complete her new home for about $30,000—much less than most of the homes in her area.

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